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Earn Money for Wayland Cleans Up!
Starbucks ‘Make Your Mark’ Program
Will Fund Up To $1,000 for Volunteer Efforts

Community Cleanup Is Sat., April 19, 8 am - Noon
Volunteers Sought To Collect Trash, Sort for Recycling

APRIL 07, 2008 – WAYLAND, MA – Dozens of residents already have selected areas of town to ‘police’ for litter on Apr. 19th as part of Wayland’s Community Cleanup. Scout troops are doing town ball fields and school yards, families have signed up to clean up West Plain Street, Pelham Island Road, Rice Road and others have signed up for Rte. 30 near the new Dow Recreation Area.

Enthusiasm is high for reviving the ‘clean-up-Wayland’ efforts of years ago. And now the local Starbucks baristas, organized by Store Manager Sheri Burke, have designated this project for its “Make Your Mark” program. In addition to hands-on help (and refreshments), Starbucks will donate $10 to Make Your Mark projects for every hour volunteered by barista and customer alike, up to $1,000 per event. Volunteers only have to visit the local Starbucks store in Cochituate Village during the day on April 19th to sign up and report their cleanup efforts. The money will go to the Town’s Beautification Committee fund.

“The local rivers have gone down quite a lot,’ says co-organizer Chris DeVany, “so we can easily get to a lot of trash in the flood plain along the river roads.” Last year DeVany and co-organizer Cliff Kolovson cleaned up along Rte. 27 along the river near the Sudbury line.

This year he hopes lots more people will turn out to help (Saturday, April 19th from 8 am to about noon) to collect litter all over town. “It’s easy and very satisfying, and we really have the support of the town from the Selectmen to the Landfill staff,” he says.

This year the two hope to mobilize many people to participate, even if it’s just to walk their neighborhood and pick up paper, plastic, metal, wood, and more. There are plenty of scenic roadways that need cleanup – Stonebridge Road, Glezen Lane, Rte. 126, Rte. 27, Rte. 30, Plain Road– but also public pathways such as those leading into the middle school, and all the ball fields in town all have litter that’s collected around the edges for years.

Volunteers should consider the following:

  • Bring bags, boxes, pails in which to collect litter
  • Bring tools such as stiff rakes and poles and/or nets for fishing stuff out
  • Wear very old clothes and sturdy work gloves and boots, and a hat
  • Use sunscreen and have plenty of water handy
  • Wear bright colors and/or use cones or flags if on roadsides… be safe

Town Landfill Director George Russell, whose team will supply dumpsters at locations in town for collection of litter and trash. If there are enough volunteers, Devany and Kolovson hope to sort the trash into metal, plastic and paper for recycling.

Next week we’ll have locations for organizing, leaders and contact information. Anyone who calls ahead to volunteer will get other information by email or phone.

Volunteers should contact either organizer right away by phone or email. Kolovson can be reached at 508-655-9696 or cliff@pointed.com; and DeVany can be reached at 508-358-2370 or cDeVany@ppiw.com.

Volunteers are needed for:

  • Area/hot spot “leaders” or coordinators to direct volunteers activities
  • Collection site coordinators
  • Trash Sorters for recycling at collection sites
  • Drivers with trucks and or SUVs – for on-demand help to remove and pickup of large debris (tires, gas cans, grills, shopping carts)





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