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About Wayland Cleans Up!

Wayland Cleans Up! is the latest iteration of groups in Wayland who have conducted spring clean up programs. Organizers Cliff Kolovson and Chris DeVany are frequent road bike riders who see the volumes of roadside trash each and every time they spin around town.... and, it's truly enough to make one sick.

But many have seen this... walkers, hikers, moutain bikers, skate boarders. It's the most visible in the early spring before any roadside vegetation gets going. After a few more weeks, the grasses and other growth literally cover much of it up! A shame...

We can't wait for anyone else to clean it up... won't happen. Yes, once or twice a year a group of prisoners are brought to town to clean the roadsides. Other groups do a bit here and there. Some walkers take a bag with them every day they walk....

Anyway, here's an easy way to help.... in only a few hours you can clean up a street and earn money for the Town.


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